Sinuous and touching, the creations of Biagini’s collection narrate a new chapter of the brand’s history. “A new wave is coming” brings to life the winter sea, the sand, and a new wave, with defined stylistic traits that generate a dance of contrasts and shadows.
The “Onda” bag is an icon that fully represents these innovative distinguishing features; Crafted from the finest brushed calfskin, its solid built leaves room for the material’s natural qualities to shine.
A bag with a classic feel living in a modern and timeless reality. Featuring an adjustable shoulder strap that can be detached, allowing for the bag to be carried in many different ways. The collection is crafted in its entirety with carefully selected leathers and a meticulous care for details that make each and every piece unique.
The “Softissima” bag with soft pleated leather recalls the wrinkling and alternation of waves. Contrasting shapes and textures interchange giving life to a continuous flow. Biagini’s shopper tote, a staple item in the leather goods industry for man, elegantly blends solid and strong silhouettes with smooth handles that merge within the bag’s front features. Made with unique calfskin leather that shifts to the touch and creates a dance of light and
shade, the collection presents a characteristic sand-like granularity.
Distinctive metal hardware details, such as the brass buckle designed for belts and shoulder straps, play a major role in many pieces of the collection.
The new signature features are also recognizable in the small leather goods creations, a distinctive area of expertise of the brand itself; the “Flow” credit card holder, with its essential lines, embodies Biagini’s new vision.
For her and for him, the unisex hat made of deer and crocodile with lining of soft silk, accessory that expresses the free and light spirit ofcollection. The artistic choice of analogue photography and videos shot in Super8 reflect the poetic and emotional care of the campaign.
The color palette for this collection is harmonious and coherent, and it features tones of grey, green, and turquoise portraying all the different shades of the winter sea.