The brand Biagini, founded in Bologna in 1968 originally called “Silvano Biagini”, was bought by the Amidei family from Modena in 1999.

Eclectic, lively and timeless, the brand evolved over time. In 2009 it introduced the men’s collection and in 2013 it changed of venue, expanding its production space and creating a showroom inspired by the Italian design of the 1960 s and 1970s, when the brand’s spirit took form. In 2018 the brand celebrated the inauguration of the showroom in Milan, right in the nerve centre of the city, a perfect location for its international customers.
In 2020 the first single-brand boutique was opened in the seaside resort Milano Marittima. In 2021 there was a strong need to renovate the brand and make it more fresh. This was made possible by a young and creative management group, which changed the brand’s name into Biagini. The new Modenese business embarked upon a new pathway, reinventing itself and combining a young and contemporaneous look to the long artisanal tradition.

The BIAGINI soul is made up of people. Alberto Amidei, founder of the company, supervises production, his wife Enza is in charge of quality control, and both have passed on their passion to their three children: Elisa takes care of business and commercial management, Valentina is responsible for the development of the collection woman, Luca, takes care of the management of the small leather goods department and the development of the men’s collection.

BIAGINI is a family story that boasts over 40 years of activity.

“Continuity is the greatest hope for a wonderful job that requires perseverance, commitment, will and infinite passion.” Alberto Amidei 


The philosophy of the BIAGINI brand is based on authenticity, a passion that dialogues with an ancient and current craft, that of the craftsman, which is constantly evolving.

The starting point of our research is the material, starting with the scrupulous research and selection of fine leathers, chosen from the best Italian tanneries that meet high quality standards. The most precious leathers are hand painted according to our project, and each stage of the processing takes place in compliance with the EEC CITES regulations. The entire creative and production process takes place within our laboratory in Modena, our home. The possibility of being present in every creative and production phase of the products allows the company to manage directly, lightly and dynamically.

The laboratory becomes the scene of continuous experimentation, scenarios of colors and geometries, which allow us to be able to shape unique and precious artifacts, an expression of love for the art of leather goods.